Like you, we are adjusting many of our business practices in light of the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. As your community foundation, we are committed to offering tools and knowledge to charities that are being impacted by our changing city in a changing world. Working together, we are all doing what we can to flatten the curve.


However, a commitment to social distancing in the name of public health also requires a new approach. We have heard from many organizations forced to alter their day-to-day work. Major spring fundraisers have been cancelled affecting budgets and operations. 

If you have cancelled your upcoming fundraiser and are looking to pivot to online giving, we’ve compiled a few good resources regarding online giving and changing mindsets:


The Ottawa Community Foundation manages more than 1,000 funds, many on behalf of charities through our online giving platform. We receive donations, issue tax receipts, and prepare customized online pages to facilitate online fundraising for your organization—a fund can be set up in a few short hours by working with the Ottawa Community Foundation.

Some of our funds:

The Ottawa Community Foundation is one of hundreds of community foundations across Canada specializing in local knowledge, social enterprise, reliable investment and endowment management. Disruption and resilience is built into our model.

If you’d like to know more or discuss your revised donor outreach plans, book a video or phone meeting with us.

We will continue to monitor the issue, its effects on the community, and provide updates through our social media channels.

Take care,

Fateema Sayani
Director, Donor Engagement