COVID -19 Rapid Response Fund winding down

As we begin to wind down the COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund, please note that we are no longer accepting grant proposals. We want to thank our donors for their commitment to bringing Ottawa together in a time of need and to the front line agencies that continue to help vulnerable populations across the city. We recognize there is more work to be done on the path to recovery. Please continue to check our website for updates.

How do I give?

Donate online via credit card or PayPal; receive a tax receipt via email. Gifts of securities can be made electronically. Please use this form.

I am a current fundholder and would like to contribute, what’s the next step?

Contact us and let us know what you’d like to contribute:

Bibi Patel, Vice-President:, 613-236-1616 x 226.

Fateema Sayani, Director, Donor Engagement:, 613-236-1616 x 224.

Janet Adams, Senior Associate, Donor Engagement: x 231.

Where do the funds go?

Donations to the COVID-19 Rapid Response  Fund supports front-line service-delivery agencies working rapidly to address the issue. As this fund supports the most pressing issues, the need may change over time. As we begin to issue grants, we will post them on this page.

I am a frontline agency or other group seeking funding, what do I do?

Please contact Anita James, Director of Strategic Initiatives:, 613-236-1616 x 310.

I would like to partner with you as a lead donor/organization, what should I do?

Contact us: Fateema Sayani, Director, Donor Engagement:, 613-236-1616 x 224.

Should I give to this fund instead of making other donations?

This fund is for targeted resources for the community where it’s needed most. If this aligns with your values, please consider making a donation. However, this is a critical time for so many, including organizations who’ve benefited from your giving in the past, as well as those who’ve had to cancel their annual fundraiser or depend heavily on public events. Please continue to give to organizations you regularly support, and those that need your help at this crucial time.

Are there any fees charged for my donation?

All donations made to the COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund are granted in full to charities working on response efforts in our community.

Could you tell me how you work with Indigenous communities and organizations in the city?

We are connecting with individual Indigenous-serving organizations as well as the Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition, made up of many Indigenous-serving organizations in our city, to gather information on community priority needs.

Is there a geographic area of focus for the fund?

The fund is focused on resources needed for Ottawa.