Music is our communication for change and empowerment

Birdsong is a national Canadian non-profit foundation dedicated to helping and, ultimately transforming, the lives of people living with mental illness: musicians, singers, songwriters, and artists in particular. Our mission is to educate Canadians about existing stigma experienced by those labelled by society as simply “mentally ill” or “addicts.” All money donated to this charity goes into the production of new music created by those who live with mental illness and substance use disorder. Birdsong is the voice for change—the music and the lyrics are the message. By empowering and encouraging people who love music to tell their personal story and share it with the world, we create positive change within our society. It is time to take mental illness out of the shadows and invest in the well being of our people. Our mission is to empower musicians and artists who live with mental illness, to educate our society about the truth of what mental illness and substance use disorder actually is, and to create a kinder and embracing community.

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Remarque : tous les dons versés à ce fonds seront désignés comme des dons en transit – ils sont immédiatement prêts à être accordés à l’organisation.