Note about the 2021 Multi-Year Community Grants round – adapting to CoVID-era realities

During the first wave of the pandemic, through our Rapid Response Fund and the Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF), OCF supported hundreds of front-line agencies delivering critical services to those disproportionately affected. A second round of ESCF granting is now in progress, and we recognize that many organizations in the sector are still under enormous pressure trying to meet urgent needs. We also know that many organizations are wrestling with recovery in relation to their own futures and to the issues they seek to address.

In response to this complex context, we are aiming to balance the following in the 2021 Multi-Year round of the Community Grants Program (CGP).

First, precisely because so much else is up in the air, we have opted not to modify the requirements and processes of the CGP including the Multi-Year stream; and funding will continue to be available for a broad range of programs and services – whether or not related to COVID.

Second, the necessity and the opportunity to re-imagine ways to work towards a healthy, inclusive, vibrant, and sustainable City are now more evident than ever. While our interest in CGP applications for strategic initiatives is not new, we are especially receptive at this time to supporting the exploration and evolution of new organizational arrangements, strengthened partnerships and coalitions, and alternative financing. This is particularly true of the Multi-Year stream, which places additional emphasis on collaborative, strategic, and innovative proposals.

If you have questions before submitting an application, and particularly if you would like input on a strategic initiative, you can reach us at

Multi-year grants are made available to support the evolution of an initiative over a period of two or three years. They are not intended to fund the same program year over year. Examples of the kinds of initiatives which could be a good fit for a MY grant include, but are not limited to: the planning,  implementation and evaluation of a new initiative; development, implementation and evaluation of critical capacity-building activities at multi-organizational or sectoral levels; in-depth assessment of the effectiveness of current approaches to addressing complex problems; the development of new models and new partnerships for innovative cross-sectoral partnerships to address complex problems.

Organizations are required to submit a Letter of Intent, with attachments, by December 1. Following this, successful organizations will be invited to submit a multi-year grant application by February 1, for consideration by the OCF Grants Committee.

If you are considering applying for a multi-year grant, as a first step, please carefully review our Granting Guidelines and Eligibility.

If you are not certain that your initiative is a good fit, feel free to contact us to discuss your multi-year project prior to submitting a Letter of Intent. Please email us, or call Tais McNeill (CGP coordinator) at 613-236-1616 ext. 223 or Rebecca Aird (Director) at ext. 222.

Download the Letter of Intent submission form and the Multi-Year Project Budget Form.