Project Description

Ann Diamond is a singularly determined and independent woman. An only child who grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Ann moved to Ottawa in 1975 following a diversified administrative dietetics career in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.

Ann then worked for 16 years as Director of Dietetics at the Ottawa Civic Hospital where she was part of a team who founded the largest centralized hospital food production operation in the country.

When she retired in 1991, Ann was able to turn her attention to her many other interests, including music, gardening and travel. To our great fortune, one of her favourite passions soon became charitable giving and the work of the Ottawa Community Foundation.

Introduced to the Foundation by her lawyer when preparing her will, Ann became immediately smitten with the work being done through the Foundation. Not only did she find it an ideal vehicle through which she could give to the many causes and organizations she cared about, but she felt a strong personal connection to the Community Foundation itself after attending one of its annual Celebrations.

“I was so impressed by the people and the program they organized to celebrate this community that I immediately asked about becoming a volunteer,” said Ann Diamond, “and it turned out my timing was perfect as the Foundation had just lost its office volunteer. Soon enough I was filing and photocopying and doing anything required to help the office run smoothly.”

Thus began the illustrious second “career” of one of the Community Foundation’s most tireless and dedicated ambassadors.

“Ann’s long-standing assistance in our office has been a God-send.” says Barbara McInnes, President & CEO of the Foundation. “She very willingly pitches in wherever we need her help and we count ourselves very fortunate to have her as part of our extended team. She has a very gracious relationship with all of our staff and is a constant reminder of the generosity of our donors and volunteers.”

For her part, Ann is most appreciative of the flexibility and community insight the Foundation offers her as a donor. “Since establishing my fund here I have learned so much more about the community than I could have discovered on my own. I particularly appreciate the personal service I receive here, and the fact that I’m able to make gifts to all my favourite charities by writing one single cheque each year. It helped me to go from making ad hoc charitable donations to a much more strategic approach to my giving.”

Among her many interests, Ann is particularly passionate about supporting children and the elderly, and in contributing to those who work to fight poverty and homelessness in Ottawa. She does this by using her fund to support organizations such as the Mission; the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa; Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Ottawa; as well as a variety of support programs for seniors, local community houses and school breakfast programs. An avid music aficionado, Ann also supports local music education programs, including those for underprivileged students.

Having established a donor-advised fund that will continue via a bequest after her lifetime, Ann is especially pleased with the fact that she can make these ongoing charitable gifts now, and that her fund will continue to support organizations and causes she cares so deeply about in perpetuity.