Social Enterprise

Social enterprise is an organization or venture that generates financial return while achieving a social, economic and/or environmental mission.

Impact Investing is active investment in assets or organizations that will generate a positive social or environmental impact, as well as a financial return.

Since 2014, the Ottawa Community Foundation (OCF) has provided more than $650,000 in grants to support social enterprises in the Ottawa area.  The following are just three examples of social enterprises in our community:

  1. Operation Come Home: FoodWorks
  2. Causeway Work Centre: Causeway Community Finance Fund
  3. Parkdale Food Centre: 13Muesli

In addition, the OCF’s Impact Investing initiative has been working with its partner, the Community Forward Fund, to provide loans to charitable and not-for-profit organizations, which are often used to further support social enterprises.

Find more information about OCF’s Impact Investing Strategy.

The OCF has invested in and supported key players, such as the Centre for Social Enterprise Development (CSED) in formalizing a social enterprise platform in our city that will provide resources to help facilitate the creation of sustainable social enterprises in the charitable sector. The OCF was also instrumental in ensuring that the Social Enterprise Platform operates out of the Innovation Centre at Bayview Yards.