The Investment Committee makes recommendations to the Board regarding investment policy and strategy including asset allocation and performance objectives. The Committee also recommends the appointment of Investment Counsel and monitors its performance.

Investment Committee Members

Chair: Tom Valks, CFA, CMA, Chief Investment Officer, Pension Fund and Investment Management, University of Ottawa
Treasurer: Paul Sibué, Vice-President, Finance, Harris Computer

Dan Dixon, Vice-President, Project Finance, Minto Group
Tessa Hebb, Director, 3ci, Distinguished Research Fellow, Carleton Centre for Community Innovation
Janet McKeage, CFA, PFP, Vice President & Investment Counsellor, RBC Phillips, Hager & North Investment Counsel
Paul Jenkins, Former Senior Deputy Governor, Bank of Canada (retired)
Brian Toller, President and Owner, Tolcor Investments Ltd.
Ron Olsen, Former Director, Finance and Administration, Ottawa Community Foundation (retired)
Miles Whittingham, Portfolio Manager, Strategic Investments, CBC Pension Fund

Investment Advisor: Mercer Investment Consulting
Investment Custodian: National Bank

Ex-officio: Susan St. Amand, Chair of the Board of Directors