Who We Are

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The Ottawa Community Foundation is a public, non-profit organization created by and for the people of Ottawa. The Community Foundation’s Charitable Registration number is 11922 7981 RR 0001.

Since 1987, the Ottawa Community Foundation has been enabling generous citizens to enhance the quality of life in their community and to achieve their own charitable objectives through permanent, well-managed endowments.

The Community Foundation’s role is threefold:

1. Asset growth and management

The Community Foundation pools the charitable gifts of many donors into a permanent, income-earning endowment that benefits the community at large and fulfills the philanthropic objectives of individual donors.

2. Grant distribution

Grants are made from the earnings of these funds to seed, nurture and support initiatives that strengthen our community. Grants are made to not-for-profit organizations in all sectors that are recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency as registered charities.

3. Community convening

The Community Foundation provides leadership by bringing people together from all sectors to identify and address issues and leverage opportunities in the region.

Vision, Mission, Values and Principles

Our Vision

Ottawa fulfills its potential as an environmentally balanced, socially just, culturally vibrant and economically resilient city.

Our Mission

The Ottawa Community Foundation works with the community as a trusted partner to fulfill impact philanthropy and bring about positive, systemic and sustainable change in our city and beyond.

Our Values and Principles

  • We operate with integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness.
  • We are accountable and transparent to our constituents and to one another.
  • We share information without sacrificing confidentiality.
  • Our relationships are respectful, friendly, and professional.
  • We value diversity of all kinds and expect fairness to be evident in our actions internally and externally.
  • We value a healthy workplace.
  • We identify and address conflict effectively and on a timely basis.
  • We are equitable in our decisions and mindful of their impact on all stakeholders.
  • We expect our actions to demonstrate our care for others and the community as a whole. We support each other in a humane manner. We care about the well-being of each other, the community, and the Foundation.
  • Continuous learning is the spirit that guides our activities.
  • We operate through consultation and partnerships.
  • We practice collaborative leadership.
  • We are responsible stewards of our resources.
  • We are committed to excellence and to maintaining the public trust.