Types of Funds

We offer a wide variety of fund types to choose from

Donors can select any of our fund types to establish in their name, the name of their family or business, or in honour of any person or organization. Depending on a donor’s philanthropic interests, funds can support the most pressing needs in the community, an area of focus, or specific causes or organizations.

While most Community Foundation funds are endowed, it is also possible to create non-endowed funds in order to donate to a particular cause or charity immediately.


The Innovation Fund enables the Foundation to proactively initiate projects and collaborations to tackle critical issues.

Unrestricted Funds are earmarked to help improve the overall wellbeing of our community and to respond to grant applications, emergency requests and emerging opportunities.

Field-of-Interest Funds are for donors who give the Foundation discretion over the allocation of grants, according to a general theme or specific interest area.

Donor-Advised Funds are an ideal alternative to establishing a private foundation. These funds allow donors to identify which charities are to receive grants from their funds, either on their own or by tapping into the Foundation’s expertise, while leaving the burden of financial and administrative management to the Foundation.

Designated Funds allow donors to specify particular charitable organizations as the ongoing beneficiaries of their gifts.

Organizational Funds allow registered charitable organizations to benefit from the Foundation’s professional endowment management expertise.

Impact Investing Funds help provide loans to registered charities, allowing the Foundation to seek out investments that provide a financial return and a social or environmental benefit.

Regional Funds can be established by nearby municipalities that wish to support local charities and causes without incurring the costs and resources required to establish individual community foundations.

Fund Vehicles

The Community Foundation has a range of vehicles for your fund beyond the traditional permanent endowment, allowing you to fulfill your charitable objectives in a way that best meets your needs.

  • Endowment. The traditional staple of community foundations, permanent endowments allow donors to create a permanently-named legacy or tribute.
  • Term. A term fund allows a fund’s capital to be fully disbursed after an agreed-upon time period. This vehicle may be used by donors who wish to evaluate the benefits of establishing an endowment fund.
  • Spend-Down. With a spend-down fund, the capital is invested in our investment pool with the intention to grant it all out in agreed-upon intervals until the fund is fully depleted. This type of vehicle may benefit donors who currently have significant but uncommitted assets and/or are mainly interested in disbursing during their lifetimes.
  • Flow-Through. A flow-through fund, while not invested in our investment pool for annual earnings, allows for immediate disbursements at a donor’s discretion.

Donors may establish a named fund or give anonymously.

Any of these funds can be established in a donor’s name, the name of their family, business or organization, or anyone they wish to honour.

All grants distributed from Foundation funds — today and in the future — are then awarded to charitable organizations in the donors’ names.  It’s a great way for them to always be involved with, and remembered for, their community investment.

Funds may also be established and disbursed anonymously.