The 30th Field Artillery Regiment is a descendant of one of the very first artillery units created by the Government of Canada in 1855. Thus it is one of the oldest, continuously serving Artillery Regiments in Canada. The Regiment’s nickname, “The Bytown Gunners”, honours its hometown of Ottawa.

Your financial support through the Bytown Gunners Order Fund (the “Fund”) creates new possibilities and opportunities for the members of the Regiment. The Fund will support wide-ranging programs such as bursaries for soldiers to pursue post-secondary education, assistance with job transitions, sporting competitions, maintenance of the Regiment’s history and archives, a variety of family support services and other crucial projects. These opportunities simply would not be possible without the generosity of a caring and supportive community. Knowing that neighbours, local businesses, friends and others have taken the time to give sends a strong message to our members that they are respected and appreciated for their service and that continued career development is valued.