The Indigenous Clean Energy Charitable Fund supports the Indigenous Clean Energy Social Enterprise (ICE) which works with Indigenous communities to build capacity, collaboration, and cooperation to achieve their clean energy visions and maximize social and economic benefits in communities. ICE delivers four core initiatives:

  1. 20/20 Catalysts Program: Focused on building Indigenous clean energy leadership capacity through hands-on, mentorship-based training;
  2. ICE Network: Focused on fostering collaboration across sectors (communities, government, private sector, non-profit, etc.) for Indigenous clean energy efforts;
  3. Global Hub: Focused on promoting Indigenous-led clean energy cooperation internationally; and
  4. Bringing It Home: Focused on increasing healthy energy living through energy efficiency at a community level.

ICE is a hybrid platform that integrates several innovative elements through its programs including: social innovation, Indigenous entrepreneurship, impact investing, and leadership development.